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How To Sassa Appeal Online For Declined SRD R350 Grant – Step-By-Step Guide

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is a temporary social grant for South African citizens, permanent residents, and refugees between 18 and 60. This Sassa grant is for financial support only for those who are unemployed and don’t have any other income source or monthly income less than R585. It was established in 2005 for the welfare of African citizens.

Sassa applicants can apply for the SASSA SRD R350 grant by providing identity documents and proof of residential address and income if they meet the eligibility criteria. After That, Sassa Reviews their application. If the application gets declined, applicants need to appeal SASSA’s decision. Applicants can get answers about “how to Sassa appeal online for a Declined Sassa grant” from this post. Keep reading this post to get the step-by-step guide about the Sassa Appeal.

SASSA Appeal Online SRD 350 Grant

Sometimes, Sassa applicants face rejection when they ask for their grant payment. Then, they can appeal within 90 days to a group called the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA) that handles this. When you do a Sassa appeal online, this process takes about 60 to 90 days for a decision. If your appeal gets approved, you will receive an SMS confirmation, and then you can receive your SRD grant payments.

  • Firstly, visit the official Sassa website.
  • Tap on the “Appeals”.
  • For online appeal, login to the Sassa portal if you already have a Sassa account.
  • If you are a newbie, then choose the register option and create your account.
  • To request a PIN, press on ““Send Pin”.
  • When you receive your PIN, then select the month for which you want to appeal.
  • Afterwards, choose the reason for which you are going to apply for the Sassa appeal decision.
  • Submit and check your current information.
  • If you see any outdated or incorrect information, then update it by verifying your documents.

Methods to Check SASSA Appeal Status

If your Sassa application was rejected, check your Sassa status online by visiting our website ( If you see your grant application has been declined, then.

Appeal the decision for the rejected Sassa SRD R350 by following the straightforward methods which are outlined below;

Check the Appeal status Via the Sassa Website.

  • First & foremost, visit the SASSA SRD Appeal page at the official website
  • , and do login/register.
  • Select “Track Appeal Status”.
  • Insert your13 digit South African ID card number and phone Number.
  • Locate your appeal and check your appeal current status.

Check Appeal Status Via SMS

In this digital era, people are looking for a user-friendly method to check Appeal status. Let me share a quick method which is to check your status via SMS.

  • Firstly, Send your 13 digits South African ID number on 32573 provided by appeal authority Sassa.
  • Then you will receive a response with the current status of your appeal.

Check the Appeal status Via the Hotline

If you are looking for a personal approach, try this Hotline method.

  • Users have to call the Sassa toll free number (0800 601 011).
  • Then give your Id number or appeal reference number.
  • After providing mandatory information, users will receive and update on the Sassa appeal status. That’s all.

10 Main Reasons For the SRD Appeal Declination

South African citizens are searching for the reason behind the rejection of the SRD appeal. So the wait is over. We have outlined all the reasons “why they face the ‘Declined’ application status.” Have a look at the following SMS you received at the time of the R350 appeal rejection;

Age outside range (>60) OR (<18): The Sassa grant is available for people in the age range of 18 to 60 years. Applicants over years old or younger than 18 years do not qualify for the SRD grant.

Verification of Identity failed: You have provided incorrect information to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). And your record doesn’t match your identity. That’s why you face identity verification failure.

Existing SASSA Grant: It means you already benefit from an SASSA grant. You are ineligible for another grant.

Gov Payroll Registered: It means the details you provided in the application show that you are employed by a government department & receiving your income.

NSFAS Registered: It is a National Student Financial Aid Scheme. When you receive a message about registering NSFAS, you take funds from NSFAS. This means you have alternative financial support and are ineligible for this grant.

Referred Linked Risk Mobile: The mobile number you provided in the application has been blocked due to some fraud cases.

UIF Registered: It is an unemployment Insurance fund. If you received this, it shows that you are ineligible for the grant because you have another source of financial support.

A deceased Record on DHA means the applicant is registered as dead during

the reconsideration period in case of any technical glitches within the DHA’s systems.

Alternative income source identified: It shows that the applicant has an income of more than R595 per month or more bank account deposits that exceed the grant’s eligibility threshold.

referred_safps: It indicates that the applicant is registered as the perpetrator of fraud & can’t avail of this opportunity.

ITSAA Contact Information

If you have any query or concern related to SRD Grant Appeal, then check contact details of the Department of Social Development, Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA).

Telephone Number012 312 7727
Email[email protected]
Fax086 534 3124/086 216 371
Postal AddressPrivate Bag x 901, Pretoria, 0001


I hope you have all the mandatory information regarding the Sassa appeal online. In case of a declination application, you have the right to submit an appeal online for reconsideration (the method mentioned above). And make sure you have provided all the correct information on the Sassa portal. Stay informed and avoid delays for SRD grants. If you are still encountering issues, visit “Sassa’s nearest office.”


Sadly, if your appeal is rejected, you can’t avail a second chance to appeal again to SASSA or ITSAA.

Complete your appeal application within 30 days after the rejection notice. The decision takes 90 days. Be patient for the outcome.

You can access the Sassa appeal appeal page directly via this link:

You have 90 days to appeal to ITSAA; if you delay, your application will be denied.

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