SASSA Status Check online – SRD R350 Application Status 2024

In South Africa, Sassa (South African Social Security Agency) provides R350 grants to African citizens who are eligible for this social grant, including the elderly, disabled persons, children, and foster children. It is a free Government social assistance program that offers assistance to those who are facing unemployment and don’t have any other income source. Over the years, more than 1 million people have been helped by the Sassa.

SASSA Status Check 2024

In this post, I’ll give you a comprehensive overview of the Sassa status check, Sassa SRD balance status, and SRD status check. It is significant for beneficiaries, and thousands of people rely on this in order to ensure their grant Sassa payments.

SASSA Status Check for R350 – SRD Status Check Online

Please provide your ID number and mobile number in the below form to check your SASSA status:

Before checking the SASSA application status and payment status online, make sure you have a South African ID number & Phone Number. The following are easiest ways to check the status online are outlined below;

What is a Sassa Status Check?

It is a SASSA SRD grant status-checking tool. By checking Sassa’s status, you will be safe from any interruptions or issues. So, if you are a Sassa grant applicant, you have reached the correct place. Here, you can check your sassa status by verifying and updating all your details, and you are allowed to check your upcoming payment status or dates.

Make sure all your given details are correct for social grant payment. For the Sassa Srd balance status check, you have to give your mobile number and ID number, and then you will receive the Sassa Pin. If you are from South Africa, you can check Sassa SRD status below;

Check Your SRD Status Online Via this Website (

If you are searching for the most convenient method to check the Sassa status, have a glance above. Because we have provided the Sassa check tool above.

  • Just simply go to the top of the page.
  • Here, you will see a “Sassa Status Check” button.
  • If you have an African ID and phone number, just press it to check your payment details.

SRD Status Check Online Via Website ( Website Online)

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Sassa SRD (
  • Here, you will see a box. Insert your Phone Number and submit.
  • Tap on “Send SMS”.
  • Afterwards, you will get an OTP or Sassa status PIN.
  • Keep in mind the dropdown menu will display the following options such as approved, declined, pending, or rejected by an official.
  • If you see an approved grant, then check the pay date.

Check Sassa SRD Status Via Moya App/Data Free

  • First of all, download & install the Moya App from the Google Play Store (if Android user) or Apple Store (if iOS user).
  • The next step is to open the app and tap on the option “Discovery.”
  • After this step, open the link “Application Status”.
  • Now insert the allotted ID number + mobile number.
  • Pursue it by pressing the “Submit” button. It will redirect to a new page.
  • Now Check your Sassa relief funds status.

Check Sassa R350 Status Via Whatsapp SMS/Call

  • Applicants can call directly to the helpline (0800601011). It is a toll-free landline.
  • Insert your ID number & PIN to check Sassa grant status & communicate with staff in English or your native language (African).
  • Also, you have the choice to check your status via WhatsApp.
  • Save this number “082 046 8553” by name Sassa status check.
  • Open your WhatsApp and search for a contact by this name.
  • Start the conversation, type your name and ID number, and then send it to check your grant status.

Check in Person

  • Locate your nearest Sassa office.
  • Take your ID Card or book.
  • Ask the agent to check your Sassa grant status by providing your ID.

Is it Important to Check Sassa Status online?

It is very crucial to check your SRD R350 Grant Payments status. The main reasons are outlined below;

  • By checking the status, applicants are able to confirm whether their grant is active or not.
  • Grant Recipients can review and update their Information, such as ID Numbers, contact and bank details, etc.
  • In this way, you will be safe from fraud and misuse of grants. Stay informed by doing periodic status checks. Avoid unpleasant surprises and maintain your peace of mind.

SRD R350 Application Status Expected Outcomes

Status ActiveThe SASSA grant is currently active.
Status PendingStill, your application is being processed
Application CompleteThis means your grant payment receiving application has been completed.
Bank Details PendingThis means, you didn’t provide your proper banking details. To ensure your payments, choose cash or bank to submit on the Sassa official site.
Period PendingThe period of December pending status means that the verification process for your reapplication is still pending. Monitor your status periodically until your payment date is confirmed.
Period ApprovedIf you see Period January approved, it means your application has been successfully approved. Regularly check your payment date from the “payday” field.
Period DeclinedYour grant application was rejected. You have to reapply.
LapsedYour grant has lapsed. You did not fulfill the necessary renewal steps before the deadline.
DiscontinuedYour grant has been discontinued. Because you no longer qualify.
Under ReviewYour status is under review due to some circumstances.
Verification RequiredSASSA online application needs you to give additional documentation to verify details about your grant.
Identity Verification FailedAccording to Sassa, your information was not found in the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) files.

SASSA Pay Day date (Timetable)

It is worth mentioning that the Sassa payment dates can be delayed due to public holidays, so stay informed. For the year 2024, the payment dates given by Sassa are listed below;

MonthYearOlder Persons GrantsChildren’s GrantsDisability Grants

How can I change/update my Sassa banking details

If you are a South African citizen or Asylum Seekers/Special Permit holder, you have the choice to update your SASSA SRD R350 banking details. Remember, provide your bank account registered in your name for a seamless experience.

First of all, visit the official website and then scroll to the bottom and choose your nationality. This method varies for residents & special permit holders. Follow the steps mentioned below;

For South African ID Card Holders

  • On the website, you will see “click here to proceed.” Tap on it.
  • Discover “How do I change my banking details.”
  • Insert your ID Card number.
  • You will receive a secure link via SMS.
  • Simply follow the instructions & update your banking details.

For Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders

  • On the website, you will see a button by the name “Click here to proceed.”
  • Look for the tab “Lookup Payment ID to collect payment at Pick ‘n Pay.”
  • Insert your passport number, file number, and the phone number.
  • Simply follow the instructions and update your banking details.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for SASSA R350 Grant?

If you want to get approval for Sassa, you must follow these five rules highlighted below;

  • If you want to get approval for Sassa, you must follow these five rules highlighted below;
  • This social grant is only for South African Citizens, Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and those who are not eligible for UIF payment.
  • For those who didn’t receive any financial support/social grants before.
  • The age limit is 18 to 60 years.
  • The grant is up to 6 months for unemployed persons.
  • Don’t receive any government support such as Covid 19 response support.

Important Note: Stay up to date with the R350 grant application status check. Always be attentive about checking and addressing any issues to the Sassa team quickly in order to avoid any interruptions or cancellations.

SASSA Contact Details

SASSA Head Office012 400 2322
SASSA Toll-Free Call Centre0800 60 10 11
Email[email protected]

SASSA offices near you (Location) Sassa Online Video Guide

If you are still encountering any issues, then watch this in-depth video guide to walk you through the whole process.

Final Touch

In the end, we just recommend all the Sassa applicants check their SRD status online periodically or at least once a year. This act will keep you up to date with Sassa grant payments. The ideal months to check Sassa’s Status include April and May. October & November. In case of any trouble with your grant payments online, you must concern yourself with Sassa’s official support to overcome it. Do you have any queries or concerns regarding SASSA SRD grant updates and news? Let us know; we will try our best to help you with the Sassa appeal as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) program for those who need financial assistance.

Be patient & visit or call SASSA to recheck your payment details. Might you have added incorrect details?

For the year 2024, Sassa payment dates are available on our website. Have a glance above to check payment dates.

Reminder for the Grant recipients that Sassa releases grant payment schedules each month. Wait for an SMS notification that confirms your payment receiving eligibility. If you have provided bank details, you will receive the grant will be deposited directly into your bank. If you didn’t provide your bank details, then use alternative methods. Collect your grant in cash from local Post Office branches (SAPO/Post Bank) or specific SASSA-partnered retail outlets, including Shoprite, Boxer, Pick n Pay, Checkers, Usave & Spa.

It is a method to assess the eligibility of a Sassa applicant for a social grant by evaluating their income and assets.

When you apply for a Sassa grant, you will receive an OTP (one-time password). In this way, you can verify your ownership of your Sassa account by providing a phone number and to get this Sassa status pin.

Sometimes, due to missing verification of documents, applicants faced status suspension. In order to resolve this issue, visit the Sassa office and ask for a re-verification appointment.

For this purpose, visit Sassa’s official website. Then tap on the “COVID-19 SRD”. Add your ID number & phone number. You can see here your banking details.

Contact the SASSA Call Centre at 0800 601 011 and submit your appeal.

This means you have disputed a SASSA decision. But don’t panic, just reapply and submit new Information.

On your device, dial a number 12069277# and follow the instructions given in the status check via the phone section above.

The answer is yes. You can check your Sassa status online by using the Govchat app which is ( or by email ( ([email protected]).

There are several reasons behind the rejection of the Sassa grant application, including unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), NSFAS Support, incorrect Information, incomplete application application, etc.

Yes, the COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant (SRD Grant) has been extended till March 2025.