SASSA Loans Via Cellphone

Step-By-Step Guide to Apply For SASSA Loans Via Cellphone

Do you want to use your phone to apply for an SASSA Loans Via Cellphone? If so, you should be aware that SASSA exclusively provides social grants to qualified South African citizens; it does not itself provide loans. Third parties, including Moneyline, Shoprite, Capitec, and a few more lenders, are offering the loans. Only those with an active SASSA grant are eligible for these loans.

The SASSA advised its recipients to refrain from taking out any loans since doing so could cause needless deductions from their social grants. However, you must act independently if you choose to take out a loan and speak with a financial advisor before doing so.

I will go over the detailed process that is followed in order to apply for SASSA loans below.

Please remember that although it was called a SASSA loan, SASSA does not make loans. The term “SASSA Loan” is only used to refer to third-party loan providers in this article.

Step-By-Step Process to Take SASSA Loans Via Cellphone USSD Method

You can apply for the SASSA loan using your cellphone in two different ways if you are too old, disabled, or unable to see any loan provider in person. You need to follow the step-by-step instructions I provided for both options.

1. Apply For Moneyline SASSA Loans

The procedures to apply for Moneyline SASSA loans are as follows:

  • First, use your phone to dial the USSD code 1303737*1#.
  • You will now be prompted to enter your ID number. Enter your ID number here when prompted.
  • The Moneyline will then request that you press one to access your bank statement and credit check. If you’re willing to receive a loan, you’ll have to force one to give them access to your sensitive information.
  • The prompt will now request your ATM PIN. For security reasons, you must also provide them with your PIN. This implies that they will now have access to your account. Thus, it would help if you reconsidered asking for a loan because they will steal your private information.
  • You have to wait for an SMS in the end. Details about the loan arrangement and repayment will be sent by SMS. Ensure you thoroughly read the terms and conditions before signing the agreement.
  • Sign the loan agreement and include your entire name in the response.
  • That’s it! You will now need to wait for the Moneyline ruling. Most loan applications are accepted in less than a day, but if numerous applications are still outstanding, it can take longer.

The loan money will be put into your bank account, and you will receive an SMS confirming approval. You will receive an SMS with the reason for rejection if you are refused.

Apply For EasyPay Loans SASSA

Applying for a Net1 Easy Pay SASSA loan requires the following actions:

  • Using your phone, dial the USSD code 1203737*1#.
  • Click on option 5 to enter your ID number now. Enter your ID number here when prompted.
  • Once your ID number has been entered, you will be prompted to input the desired total amount.
  • You will now be required to submit the complete amount of your monthly expenses.
  • You will then have to wait for an SMS. Details about the loan arrangement and repayment will be sent by SMS. Please carefully review the agreement documentation before signing it, only if you agree.
  • Sign the loan agreement and include your entire name in the response.
  • That’s it! You will now need to await the Easy Pay determination. Most loan applications are accepted in less than a day, but if numerous applications are still outstanding, it can take longer.

A confirmation SMS will be issued to your phone number, and your bank will receive the loan amount upon approval of your loan application. Should you be rejected, you will get an SMS that explains why you were turned down.

Eligibility Criteria to Take these SASSA Loans

To be eligible for these SASSA loans, you must meet specific requirements. If you meet the following criteria, you may qualify for the loan:

  • You ought to be at least eighteen.
  • You need to possess a current South African Identity Card document and be a citizen of South Africa.
  • You ought to have a reliable source of money.
  • A bank account in your name is necessary.
  • Your cell phone number must be active and registered in your name.
  • Your SASSA award cannot be linked to any outstanding debts.
  • You must be getting a SASSA grant, such as an SRD grant, an Old Age, Disability, Child Support, Foster Child, or any other legitimate SASSA grant.

The loan provider, which might be any bank or financial institution based on your SASSA grant income, will also review your past debt in addition to these conditions. Your debt-to-income ratio must meet their requirements for you to be eligible for the loan. Your current monthly income will be used to determine the loan amount.

SASSA Loan Amount

As an SASSA beneficiary, the maximum amount you can borrow depends on which private lender you select. It also depends on your credit history and income. A borrower with good credit and steady income may be eligible for a loan of up to R25,000 from some lenders, while others may only give loans between R250 and R1000.

Therefore, before applying for a loan, comparing lenders and checking out their official websites or other resources is crucial.

Please be advised that most loans have the highest interest rates, ranging from 5% to 35% and, in some instances, up to 200%, along with exorbitant monthly fees. Therefore, to determine whether a loan offer benefits you, you must fully comprehend the terms and conditions, including interest rates and other costs; otherwise, you risk being deeply in debt.

Repayment of Loan

Your SASSA grant amount will be automatically deducted from the loan repayment. When you receive your social grant payment, it will be subtracted every month. Please remember that not making loan payments can adversely affect your credit score, lead to legal action, and prevent you from getting loans in the future.

Thus, you should first determine whether you can afford to return the debt in total and only take out a loan if you can.

Some Dark Sides of SASSA Loan

As I’ve mentioned, if you have an active SASSA grant, third-party lenders who provide loans to you deliver these loans, not SASSA directly. Therefore, even though these loans can be helpful in an emergency, there are certain drawbacks. They have absurdly high interest rates together with costly fees.

A Black Sash report states that under the National Credit Act (NCR), borrowing up to R8,000 for six months is considered “short-term credit.” By NCR regulations, lenders may impose an R150 one-time startup fee, R50 monthly service costs, and 5% monthly interest. This means that, on top of your initial R1,000 loan, you will be charged an additional R750. You would pay back 75% more than you borrowed overall, demonstrating the unexpectedly high cost of short-term loans, even for tiny loan amounts.

A high-interest loan taken out can lead to a debt snowball effect. Before applying, think about how it would affect your financial stability in the long run.


Now that you are fully informed about SASSA loans, you can determine if they fit you well. Many borrowers view these loans as hazardous because of their high fees and interest rates. Looking at other options might be a good idea unless you are dealing with very unusual conditions.

Furthermore, there is a significant amount of danger associated with these loans, which are only offered by third parties, and you will be required to give them access to your financial and personal information.

I suggest looking into alternative loans and options if you need quick cash rather than taking this one. But I also reviewed the exact process for obtaining these loans if you want to take this chance and pay higher interest rates. You can rapidly get your loan approved by following the procedures!

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