SASSA Reconsideration Application

SASSA Reconsideration Application Process And Status Check 2024

Have you been turned down for an SASSA SRD award after applying? Don’t worry; you can request that your application be approved again. If you feel that your application was rejected unfairly, SASSA has a reconsideration process that you can apply for.

You must apply forSASSA Reconsideration Application if you firmly feel your R350 grant was wrongfully denied, even though you should have been awarded the grant. This post will go over how to file for reconsideration in its entirety, how to strengthen your argument, and how to increase the likelihood that your grant will be accepted.

Step-by-Step Process to Submit the SASSA Reconsideration Appeal

For the benefit of those whose grants are denied, SASSA has streamlined the appeals process, making it simpler to request for reconsideration. Reconsideration applications can be submitted online or offline through the two official channels. We’ll go over each method in detail so you can request for reconsideration.

Submitting Reconsideration Request Through SASSA Website

It is advised that you apply online for reconsideration. It is the most practical option since you can complete it without leaving your house. Complete the simple steps listed below to file an online reconsideration request on the SASSA website:

Step 1: Visit the Social Development Website

Visit the official Social Development reconsideration website at

Step 2: Enter Your ID And Phone Number

Input the phone number you used to apply for your SRD grant and your South African ID number.

Step 3: Complete the OTP Verification Process

Click the “send pin” button now. You will receive an OTP code for verification on the registered mobile number. On the website screen, enter that OTP code. You’ll be taken to the gateway once you enter the proper code and are verified.

Step 4: Navigate to Reconsideration Page And Select the Month

Go to the Reconsideration page now. You must choose the month for which you wish to submit an application for reconsideration on the reconsideration application page. Please indicate which month you are applying for.

Step 5: Provide the Reason and Supporting Documents

Now you need to enter the reason why you are applying for reconsideration and believe you are eligible for the grant. Please also attach the evidence and any supporting documents which prove that you are eligible for the grant and make your case stronger.

Step 6: Submit the Form

Submit the reconsideration request form after providing the reason and attaching the supportive documents.

Step 7: Wait For the Decision

That’s it. Your application for reconsideration was submitted successfully. You now have to wait for the decision to be made. It may take SASSA up to sixty to ninety days to determine.

The waiting period may differ depending on the volume of reconsideration petitions they receive, the intricacy of your case, and the details you submit.

Give SASSA current, correct information to ensure they have all your data. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid delays. You will be notified after your request has been reviewed, and a decision has been made.

Applying for Reconsideration By Visiting the SASSA Office

This procedure takes more time than submitting an online application for reconsideration. Long lines will need you to wait, and it can take the entire day. The procedure for submitting a reconsideration request in person at the SASSA office is as follows:

Step 1: Gather Required Documents

Gather all the necessary documents, including:

  • Copy of your initial SASSA Application
  • Your ID card document
  • Proof of residence
  • Your income statement
  • And any other supporting documents which can make your case stronger and prove your eligibility for the grant.

Step 2: Locate Your Nearest SASSA Office

Once you have assembled your paperwork, you must find the SASSA office that is closest to you. Before coming, make sure to check the time of their opening. Most SASSA offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 AM.

Step 3: Visit the SASSA Office

Visit the office during business hours after verifying the location of the closest office and its opening hours. There could be a wait in line for you. When it’s your turn, request the reconsideration form from the SASSA representative.

Step 4: Fill Out the Reconsideration Form

Provide correct and up-to-date information in the entire form. Briefly explain your request for reconsideration, and include all necessary supporting documentation to bolster your argument.

Step 5: Obtain the Receipt of Confirmation

Send the form to the SASSA representative at this point. You will receive a confirmation receipt from them. This receipt contains your reference number and should be stored safely if needed later.

Step 6: Wait for the Outcome

You may have to wait up to ninety days after submitting your request for reconsideration for processing. You will receive a notification when your application is evaluated and a decision is made.

SASSA SRD Reconsideration Status Check

You must periodically check your SASSA status after submitting an application for SASSA reconsideration to track your application status. Your grant reconsideration application’s evaluation and approval process could take up to ninety days. You can use the following techniques to verify your online SASSA reconsideration status for an R350 grant:

Check SASSA Reconsideration Status using SSS

  • Go to the SASSA status check page of SGSC at
  • Provide your South African ID number and the phone number you used to apply for reconsideration.
  • Now click the button “Check Status”. 
  • Your SASSA reconsideration status for SRD grant will be displayed promptly on the screen.
  1. Check the Reconsideration Status From the SASSA’s Website
    Visit the Department of Social Development’s status check page on SASSA official website:
    Provide your South African ID number as well as the phone number you used for your reconsideration application.
    Now click the “send pin” button.
    You will receive an OTP on your registered phone number. Provide that OTP code on the website screen.
    Now, your reconsideration status will be shown on the screen.
    Apart from these methods, you can also check your reconsideration status by visiting the SASSA office or by calling the SASSA helpline at 0800 60 10 11.

The reconsideration status result will show you the months for which your reconsideration request was approved and how much SASSA will pay you.

The Reasons You Need to Apply for Reconsideration

Your application may have been rejected for a variety of reasons, and you are now considering asking for a reconsideration. Among the principal causes could be: 

Application that is Incomplete or erroneous: Your first application contained information that needed to be completed or corrected. It can result from your need to understand how to fill out the entire application or any errors you made when entering information. 

Inadequate Proof and Supporting Papers: You needed to provide more proof and supporting papers in your initial application. You now possess additional convincing evidence in the form of documents that may qualify you for the grant. 

Administrative Error at SASSA: It’s possible that SASSA also made a mistake. You were not qualified for the grant because the data entry worker entered your information incorrectly or the SASSA’s system displayed false information. 

Changes in Circumstances: Your situation has evolved since you submitted your application for the SASSA grant. Even though you might not have met the eligibility requirements at that point, your situation has since improved, and you now meet all of SASSA’s requirements for qualifying. 

Medical Condition or Disability: Although you did not disclose it in your initial application, you have a medical condition or disability. To strengthen your eligibility argument, you should also include these reports. 

Of course, there may also be other causes, but these are the most frequent ones.

What are the Requirements To Apply For Reconsideration Application

To be eligible for SASSA Reconsideration, the following requirements must be met:

Your appeal for reconsideration will be ineffective if you haven’t previously applied for the COVID-19 grant through an electronic platform.
SASSA must have notified you via notification that your grant was denied.

It would help if you felt you qualify for the grant and disagreed with the SASSA’s ruling.
Reconsideration requests must be submitted by thirty days; a maximum of ninety days may elapse. Your request for reconsideration will be ignored after the first ninety-nine days.
In addition, you must submit any supporting documentation or information to substantiate your claim and demonstrate your eligibility for the grant.

What Documents Are Required For Reconsideration Appeal

The documentation needed for a reconsideration appeal can change based on the specifics of your first application and the grounds for your grant application’s denial. Among the necessary essential documents are the following:

  • Your first application form for the SASSA and all supporting files you submitted initially.
  • A copy of the SASSA letter rejecting your funding application.
  • A thorough letter outlining your justifications for asking for a review and stating your case for the award.
  • Documents proving your identity and place of residence, like a utility bill, passport, or birth certificate.
  • Your medical records if you have a disability history or pre-existing medical issues.
  • The records of your earnings and outlays.
  • Your financial documents, such as your bank statement.
  • Since it can significantly raise the likelihood that your grant will be reviewed and authorized, supplying accurate, current, and pertinent papers is crucial to the success of your reconsideration request.

SASSA Reconsideration Outcomes

There are three possible outcomes of SASSA Reconsideration:

SASSA Reconsideration ApprovedIt means your application is reconsidered, and you are approved for the grant. You will start receiving grant payments from the month your grant is approved.
SASSA Reconsideration DeclinedIt shows that your application for reconsideration has been declined, and the original decision remains unchanged. You will not be able to receive any SASSA grant payments.
SASSA Reconsideration PendingIt means that your reconsideration application is still under review, and SASSA needs more time to make the final decision. You will be notified once the decision is made.

Please keep in mind that SASSA can also ask for further additional documents while reviewing your grant. Upon asking, you have to provide them as soon as possible to avoid a delay in your grant.

What If My Reconsideration Request Declined?

If your reconsideration request for a SASSA grant is declined, you have the final option to appeal the decision to the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). This appeal must be filed within 90 days of receiving the rejection notice.


Hence, applying for SASSA reconsideration is an easy process. We have covered every basic detail you need to know for the reconsideration process. If your SASSA SRD grant is declined, simply follow this guide, and you will be easily able to submit your reconsideration application.

You can apply for it online from the SASSA website or by visiting your nearest office in person. Please provide your complete information and submit as many supportive and relevant documents as possible to increase your chances of being approved. After the submission, keep patience and check your application status regularly to stay updated about your application progress.

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